GI with Amy Newfield

GI with Amy Newfield

May 7, 2023 Sunday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Amy Newfield

Amy Newfield


Amy is the owner of Veterinary Team Training. After working in general practice for many years, Amy found her passion in emergency medicine and went on to obtain her Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in Emergency and Critical Care. She has held several board positions in the Academy of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Technicians & Nurses including the president. Amy’s new focus is on team and leadership development. She is well-published in over 20 subjects and recently published her own best-selling book “Oops, I Became a Manager” focused on creating happy veterinary teams. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful furry kids where you can find her eating chocolate, running in the woods, competing in agility, and diving in the ocean.

- 8:50am
From Poop to Vomit: Gastrointestinal Diseases
This lecture reviews the basic anatomy of the GI tract and discusses both common and uncommon diseases and injuries in both the dog and cat. Participants will walk away fully understanding the complexities of the GI system, diseases/injuries that can occur, and treatment options that are available. Participants will be able to communicate to owners more efficiently when dealing with GI ailments, understand antiemetics, diagnostics (radiographs to endoscopy) and treatment options.

1) Participants will leave understanding the complexities of the GI system.

2) Attendees will leave understanding diseases/injuries that can occur and treatment options that are available.

3) Participants will be able to communicate to owners more efficiently when dealing with GI ailments.
- 9:50am
Motion Sickness in Dogs
There is nothing fun about having a client arrive at your clinic with a dog that just vomited all over itself. Many times, motion sick dogs are stuck in homes and never taken anywhere fun because their owners don’t want to deal with the mess. This lecture talks about motion sickness in dogs, why it occurs and both Eastern and Western medicine treatment options.
- 10:50am
Parvovirus: Anything new?
Parvovirus remains one of the most common illnesses of young dogs.

Is there anything new? Let’s talk about how to diagnose and various treatment options.
- 11:50am
How to Survive in This Field as A Veterinary Technician
Turnover in the field of veterinary technology is high. Why do so many people pay for an education only to leave the field so quickly? This lecture reviews how to survive, thrive and enjoy the field! This lecture will discuss compassion fatigue, helping yourself before others, and advancing or changing direction in the field. Different options of what veterinary technicians can do will be discussed.

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