Tech Utilization

Grow your practice’s revenue
Increasing your practice’s financial performance may increase the potential for growth opportunities.

Increase efficiency
Utilizing Licensed Veterinary Technicians and other staff members appropriately allow the DVM to see additional patients.

Improve employee engagement
Losing a valued employee will cost your practice $10,000**

Expand your practice’s services
Providing patients comprensive care for all life stages in one location.

An AVMA Study States: location “Results of regression analysis suggested that the typical veterinarian’s gross income increased by $93,311 for each additional credentialed veterinary technician per veterinarian in the practice.” “Results indicated that in 2007, the number of credentialed veterinary technicians per veterinarian in a practice had a significant (P = 0.02) impact on gross practice revenue, such that the average veterinary practice generated $161,493 more gross revenue for each unit increase in the number of credentialed veterinary technicians per veterinarian.” The AVMA has recently formed the AVMA Task Force on Veterinary Technician Utilization to help practices use their teams as efficiently as possible. The AVMA will begin to share the findings at their Annual Economic Summit in October 2019.

Technician Shortage: Having trouble finding licensed technicians? Us too. The shortage of licensed technicians in Washington State, as well as across the nation, puts limits on how our practices and profession will grow. Both recent studies and direct feedback say that technicians want to be utilized appropriately and compensated accordingly.

Tips to hire and retain Licensed Veterinary Technicians: Prepare to help them practice as the medical professionals they are Provide competitive pay & benefits Support continuing education - for required hours and beyond.

 Appropriate Utilization: We believe technicians should be utilized to the highest of their abilities, inappropriate utilization of technicians is not only strongly discouraged but often illegal. Per Washington State Law and our State’s Practice Act, Licensed Veterinary Technicians are not permitted to diagnose, prognosis or perform surgery. Asking technicians or other personnel that are not licensed and not trained on such tasks invites undue stress, burnout, qualified personnel exiting the profession as well as legal consequences. Refer to the state practice guidelines.   

What could your Licensed Veterinary Technicians be doing? Anesthesia: Induction, intubation, and maintenance CORE Dental Procedures (Comprehensive Oral and Radiographic Evaluation) Centesis: including FNA Handling controlled drugs: Administrating, preparing, packaging, labeling, and delivery Diagnostic procedure analysis: cytologic, fecal, hematology and urinalysis.  *See WAC 246-935-050