HEAL-WA Online Medical Resource Database

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Legislation to add veterinarians and veterinary technicians to the health professions served by HEAL-WA passed the Washington State House and Senate and became law on July 28, 2019. HEAL-WA is an online portal to evidence-based resources. It is run by the University of Washington Health Sciences Library through a contract with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and funded by a $16.00 surcharge on the license fees from participating professions. They are now ready to start registering veterinarians and veterinary technicians to use the HEAL-WA portal.

As funding is received from the DOH in the Summer of 2020, HEAL-WA will be adding additional veterinary medicine specific titles and tools, but access is currently available to CAB Abstracts and CAB Abstracts Archives. CAB Abstracts is the leading English-language bibliographic information service providing access to the world’s applied life sciences literature. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians will also have access to PubMed and all other HEAL-WA resources.

Sign up using your license number and the email address which the DOH has on file for you, at https://heal-wa.org/help/getting-started/. You may confirm or update your e-mail address by contacting the DOH’s Customer Service Center at HSQA.csc@doh.wa.gov.

Published 12/07/2019.