Mid-level Practitioner Statement


The Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians (WSAVT) has been monitoring the discussion about mid-level practitioner within veterinary medicine. In December 2022, the WSAVT sent a pulse survey out to the Licensed Veterinary Technicians in Washington State to get their thoughts on the topic.

An overwhelming majority of (219 out of 253) people would like to see a position like this created. However, over half (110) of the people in favor believe this is many years down the road and we should first concentrate on title protection and team utilization.

Comments included:

  • "I am very interested in this position for myself but first it would have to be a licensable position and accepted in every practice to ensure career protection."
  • "Opening a position like this could help the extreme backlog of appointments seen in daily veterinary medicine."
  • "I do think current LVTs should have an opportunity to become that midlevel practitioner before anyone else."
  • "We already have VTS in 16 specialty academies representing over 20 specialty areas! Those individuals can function in this new proposed role."

A recent National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) survey showed similar results to the WSAVT survey. An overwhelming majority of people surveyed were for a mid-level practitioner position. However, when asked to rank eight hot topics in order of importance, the creation of the mid-level practitioner ranked seventh. This ahead of only creating such a position for non-technicians, for which there was virtually no support. 

With these results, the WSAVT will continue to concentrate on team utilization, expanding the tasks of credentialed veterinary technicians, and recognizing Veterinary Technician Specialties, while continuing to monitor the idea/discussion of a mid-level practitioner. The WSAVT assures our members that we will be involved as the conversation continues about a mid-level practitioner or any technician-related position. 


The WSAVT Board

Published 01/26/2023.